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BOOMER "JazRokPop," is available at the STORE

Preview the new album!

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New BOOMER song....see WHAT'S NEW below!

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Don has released an EP of six songs called BOOMER JazRokPop.

...but wait, isn't Don that actor from
My Three Sons? Well, yes, Robbie Douglas is alive and well

and living on 'MEMORY LANE.'

Don Grady, however, is an accomplished composer, musician, singer, and songwriter.
  He's also a baby boomer with a terrific new album which he wrote for and about baby boomers.  To hear some of Don's songs, click BOOMER. 

To buy the CD go directly to the STORE.

Don's been busy doing lots of interviews. To listen in, click MEDIA.

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We're looking forward to lots of good times ahead!

- The staff of

Don has been writing new songs for the next BOOMER cd.  He's looking for photos of great old couples to go with a music video of his latest song, "The Old Couple."  You can listen to it on the BOOMER page.
If you have a photo of a favorite old couple, we'd love to include it in the video!  Please submit the photo, or photos, HERE

Many thanks!

from Don and staff

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